Fresh local, seasonal produce!


The delicious cuisine served in our à la carte restaurant not only attracts hotel guests, but guests from the entire region.

Head chef, Sjors Riewald, steers his own course. Full of ambition and using the very best Twente has to offer.



As head chef, Sjors Riewald is responsible for daily purchases of fresh produce. Such as (organic) fish, meat, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, cheese and fruit, used to create the à la carte menu.

Our menu changes with the seasons.

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Breakfast is nutritious and varied, with nuts, seeds, special types of bread and creamy yogurts.

A great start to the day.


At lunch we serve traditional dishes (sandwiches, soup, egg-based dishes) and an abridged version of the dinner menu, for those who prefer a hot meal at lunchtime.


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There are lots of options for dinner, even if you have dietary requirements or an allergy.

We kindly request you let us know when making your booking. This will allow us to take them into account.


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Our bar is well stocked with some fine drinks and accompaniments. Such as the various gins that the U Parkhotel offers.

There’s a whole story behind the gin served in our glasses today. It began as a drink for the poor and gradually found its way to the elite and royal houses. Yet it seemed that gin was going to be ousted by vodka for a while, until Tanqueray and Bombay Sapphire managed to change the gin market.

Today, gin is available everywhere and is more popular than ever when paired with tonic! 

Our gin experts can tell you everything about the stories behind the different types of gin and will gladly advise you which one suits you best.

Toast the good life and taste a selection of our appetisers. 



Doesburg (Achterhoek) is not only the place where Sjors Riewald's story begins; the famous mustard comes from here too. A fact Sjors celebrates by placing his mustard soup, made to his own recipe, on the menu. 

Riewald: "I also grew up in Doesburg, so I was literally inspired by its mustard. Since I completed my studies in 1998, I was able to work under a number of starred-chefs, including Henk Savelberg and Fred Bohnke. Here in U Parkrestaurant I have a fantastic kitchen team; they do their utmost to provide our guests with an unforgettable experience."

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